🤫Level 0

If you are feeling confused and just looking for recommendations on starting resources, we handpicked the absolute best content for anyone that knows security and code already, and placed it in a recommended watching order.

After you finish these, you wouldn't be able to stop reading solidity code.

Solidity Basics

Beginner friendly, good for getting a hang of generic concepts.

Motivation pit stop

Podcasts are excellent for regaining motivation and energy to continue listening to tons of new information. Listen in car rides, walks with the dog or whenever. This is important to try to avoid burning out.

This one specifically is an interview of one of the top legends in the field, Pashov.

Another alternative, voice only discussions about the future of web3 security reviews


Personal project

If you want to understand the Solidity language better, you can try the free course at https://university.alchemy.com/course/solidity.

Otherwise, jump ahead to create a simplistic project of your own, compile it, and try to find risky spots in your own code.

  • Use Foundry and VSCode locally.

  • Try to experiment with ERC20 tokens, vaults and lending pools.

  • In a higher priority - try to beleive in what you write, even if it won't be released to the world, it can extend your motivation which is crucial.

  • Make sure to run unit tests and understand your code as much as possible.


This should wrap up many loose ends, if you have the time to dedicate to it.

Also, review past high/critical reports at https://solodit.xyz/.

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